1Q.  How much time should I allow for my child’s evaluation?

1A. Evaluations can last up to an hour but ultimately depends on the child.


 2Q. What do I need to bring to evaluation?

 2A. Please bring with you a copy of your child’s speech and/ or occupational prescription sometimes called a referral.  A photo ID a copy of your insurance cards. Any information you have from previous evaluations, hearing screening results,  and your child’s IEP, if applicable.


 3Q. Can I stay in the room with my child?

 3A. We have an observation area outside of the room where you will be able to see your child at all times.


 4Q. What do I need to say to prepare my child for evaluation?

 4A. We suggest that you tell your child close to their appointment time that he/she will be meeting someone new, and to answer questions asked, and it won't be a  big deal if they do not know the answer.



 5Q. How often should my child have an evaluation?

 5A. Evaluations can be completed every 6 months during treatment, and any time you feel that there is a delay in development.


 6Q. My DR says we should wait and see, I don’t want to wait. How can I get a prescription from my doctor to get started?

 6A. Ultimately, you are your child’s best advocate, tell them your concerns and request a prescription for your child. 


 7Q. Can I have more than one child can they have therapy on the same days and times?

 7A. Yes, we will always try to accommodate for siblings.


 8Q. Are you accepting new patients?

 8A. Yes.


 9Q. What age do you begin therapy services?

 9A. Any age.


 10Q. My child gets therapy in school can they get it privately too.?

 10A. Yes.


 11Q. My child had an evaluation already can I still come to therapy somewhere else?

 11A. Most insurances allow transfers. You should check with your insurance provider.


 12Q. Do I have to have a referral?

 12A. Some insurances do not require a referral, others do. You should check with your insurance provider.


 13Q. Does insurance cover therapy services?

 13A. Most insurance cover therapy, but you should check with your insurance provider.


 14Q. What insurances do Creative Therapy Works accept?

 14A.  We currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, Katie Beckett Waiver, Amerigroup and Peachstate Insurances.  If you have additional questions about self -pay discounts for insurances not listed, please call us at: 470-545-6228.


15Q.  What is the out of pocket self pay price range for an evaluation and therapy?

15A.  We offer special rates for our customers who wish to either not use insurance or not have the coverage for therapy on their insurance.  Please contact us for those prices.  

 16Q. What qualifies a child for therapy?

 16A. We use many different tools to see if and where development delays exist.  If there are delays in your child’s development your child will qualify for therapy,        

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